Meet Oficio Studios.

A creative studio fueled by quality, concept-driven design. Offering personalized services for any type of business or project. We pride ourselves in offering zero cookie-cutter solutions.

Uniquely creative; just like you.

Our Services

Creative Commercial or Residencial

Design and Implementation of Branded Creative Interiors that connect to consumers in F&B and hospitality sector.

Product Design & Maintenance

The design of a product's User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) and monthly maintenance.

Consulting & Strategy

Direction and strategy sessions on how to launch brand, how to continue to use brand effectively, training of marketing teams & more.

Brand Development

Dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful everyday brands. Branding includes Main Logo, Secondary Logo, Mark, Color Palette & graphics.


Domain acquisition, creation e-commerce websites, Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, and Wix sites that communicate and display your services or products effectively.

Custom Lettering Logo & Personal Brand

Lettering created from scratch to craft a jaw dropping unique and personalized logo.

Creative Direction & Prodution

Conceptualization, Production and Direction of photoshoots for brand, social content and marketing.

Editorial Design

Books, e-books, recipe books, planners, brochures, booklets & deck presentations. Any multi-page document.

Screen Printed Merch

Custom art designed and printed by hand on merch for your business. Become part of your audiences lifestyle with unique merch!

Unique Art Installations

Create a brand aligned art experience for your brand or space.

Our team

John Doe

Co Founder

Tim Baker

Marketing Expert

Demi Mason

Social Media Expert

Robert Bozo


A Glance at Our Process

Every step of our collaboration is methodically and strategically planned for creative greatness.
Meeting & Brief

A creative brief is coordinated before the start of the project. This deep-dive ensures that both the creative team and client are aligned.

Guide Strategy

Our Clients play a part in the design process; our aim is t clients to smarter design. Concepts are presented to align paths.

Design Revision

All design is created with the client in mind. We offer design solutions that are not only smart but fit to your business to help you grow.

Final Design Revisions

We ensure smooth hand-off of designed elements, using a dedicated DropBox file.No more lost designs or complicated file drop-offs!

Client testimonials

"Loved the attention to detail and availability of Liz. The work that she created really demonstrates her passion for this field. I refer her to all of my family and friends! My favorite step was seeing the end result. Watching my ideas materialize was a truly magical experience."
Branding & Website
"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
Ilka Rodriguez
Personal Branding Project
"Amar esta marca es demasiado fácil gracias a su extraordinario trabajo! Estamos encantados y agradecidos con la dedicación y el gran talento con el que trabajaste nuestros diseños y marca. Convencidos que continuaremos trabajando en el futuro. 🧡 Gracias!"
Clotilde REstaurant
"Loved to have many options in the whole process and the revisions where aligned to my expectations. Picking the logo was my favorite part of the process because it brought it to life"
Branding, UX & UI
"I love working with Herger Design because of the attention to detail, clear deadlines and deliverables, and the outcome always considers the brief and direction I'm looking for. Also, when I'm feeling stuck in terms of what I want in terms of the design they help in offering options to identify a clear look & feel."
The Big HEal
Branding & Editorial
"Un servicio accesible, responsable, puntual. Responde a las necesidades creativas del cliente y propone conceptos y estrategias de diseño que van acorde con lo esperado."
Filmes Casa
Branding & Website
Graphic Design
Lead Generation

* Companies we've helped build their website with Hyper

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